Mette Frederiksen
Kingdom of Denmark
Speaker at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2024

Mette Frederiksen was elected Prime Minister of Denmark in June, 2019. She is the second woman to hold this office, and the youngest Prime Minister in Danish history. Frederiksen was elected as a member of the Danish Parliament in 2001 at the age of 24. After the Social Democratic Party won the 2011 general election, she was appointed Minister of Employment. In 2014, Frederiksen was promoted to become Minister of Justice. In 2015, following a narrow defeat of her party in the general election, she was elected as the leader of the Social Democratic Party, a role she held until becoming Prime Minister. After the general election in November 2022, Frederiksen continued as Prime Minister of Denmark. This time in a coalition government with the Social Democratic Party, the Liberal Party and the Moderates.

Talks at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2024