Lu (Tony) Zhi Hao*
Speaker at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023

Taiwanese fighter for freedom in Ukraine against Russian aggression. 34 years old. Tony served with the Ukrainian military from March to June 2022 at Izium east of Kharkiv. Lives in Taoyuan and is trained as a butcher. Tony has served one year in the Taiwanese army undertaking conscription service.

Tony speaks limited English and no Ukrainian. He didn’t encounter a communication barrier in Ukraine: “compassion and solidarity need no language”. Tony had never been to Europe before. He still believes in an Ukrainian victory because they have the support of the world.

After returning to Taiwan, “resilience” is Tony’s keyword that the Taiwanese should learn from Ukraine’s brave resistance.

At the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023, Tony tells his story to the audience.

Talks at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023