Mia Wagner (Judge)
Nordic Female Founders
Speaker at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023

Mia Wagner is a respected female leader and co-founder of Nordic Female Founders, a company and community dedicated to empowering women to pursue entrepreneurial ventures and encouraging them to invest in entrepreneurship. Prior to co-founding Nordic Female Founders alongside Anne Stampe Olesen, she led the group company Freeway, an acknowledged privately-owned incubator.

Mia holds a law degree, and she is educated and experienced in mediation of conflicts. Her extensive experience as a Chief Executive Officer and investor has established her as a prominent figure in the field of business and entrepreneurship in Denmark. In 2022, Mia was appointed to the board of The Danish Investment and Export Fund by the Danish Minister of Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs. Alongside her role as a board member of The Danish Investment and Export Fund, Mia also serves on the boards of The Danish Chamber of Commerce and Unicef Denmark, demonstrating her dedication to promoting initiatives aimed at advancing corporate social responsibility.