Melissa Mahtani (Moderator)
Speaker at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023

Melissa Mahtani is an Emmy-nominated Senior Producer and Reporter for CNN's award-winning digital team where she produces, writes and creates content across all platforms since 2012.

Mahtani has interviewed change-makers across the globe such as Vladimir Kara-Murza from Russia, Masih Alinejad from Iran, Afghanistan's youngest Mayor Zarifa Ghafari and the first lady of Namibia as well as celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Kristin Davis, Adwoa Aboah and Lin-Manuel Miranda. In addition to writing breaking news stories and feature articles, Mahtani currently reports for CNN's award-winning gender focused "As Equals" team, hosting and moderating events for wider impact and engagement. She also plays a key role in designing the social strategy around special events including bespoke CNN Town Halls, CNN Heroes and coverage from the United Nations General Assembly.

In 2021, Mahtani created and launched the "Inside CNN" newsletter, an exclusive look inside the company designed for our subscribers. She also helped design and launch CNN's first interactive, "Anderson Cooper Full Circle" as well as CNN's Facebook Watch show, "Go There". Mahtani was also a Senior Producer on CNN's Live News team, writing and editing live blogs for minute-by-minute coverage such as the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the 2020 US elections and trial in the death of George Floyd.

Mahtani previously spent a decade as a television news producer for CNN including 'Fareed Zakaria GPS,' 'Reliable Sources,' 'Erin Burnett Out Front' and "The World Right Now with Hala Gorani" before transitioning to digital in 2017. She led the New York launch of the morning business show 'CNNMoney with Maggie Lake,' managing a team spread across three cities. Mahtani has also field produced for major international events and produced special content for CNNI, including a special half-hour show on the crisis in Syria.

Mahtani has lived and worked in Zambia, UK, France, Spain and Italy. She brings more than 18 years of international experience in producing content for major broadcasters including CNN, CNBC, France 24 and ITN on a wide variety of platforms. As a passionate supporter of human rights and democracy, she regularly moderates panels at international conferences such as the Oslo Freedom Forum, Copenhagen Democracy Summit and Fordham University's Impact Investing Unit.

Mahtani received a Bachelor of Arts from King's College London and a postgraduate diploma from London School of Journalism.

Talks at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023