Dovilė Šakalienė
Speaker at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023

Talks at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023

Member of Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas), 2nd term (2016-2020; 2020-2024). Member of National Security and Defense Committee, Co-Founder and Member of Suicide and Violence Prevention Commission; Member of Ethics and Procedures Commission. Vice Chair of Parliamentary Relations Group with the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Vice President of Lithuanian Social Democratic Party, Chair of in-party Defence Committee, shadow defence minister for Social Democrats.

The founding member and the Co-chair of Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), sanctioned by PRC in spring 2021.

Sponsor of the new child rights protection law banning corporal punishment (2017). Sponsor of the Parliamentary Resolution on acknowledgement of Uyghur genocide (passed in May 2021).

Until being elected to the Parliament: CEO of Human Rights Monitoring Institute; Managing Director of NGO Programme Lithuania (EEA FM 2nd period). Host and producer of educational radio programmes at the Lithuanian News Radio; columnist at the largest Lithuanian news portal DELFI; co-producer of human rights documentaries. Taught courses on antisocial behaviour and criminal psychology at the Mykolas Römeris University.