Nima Tisdall (Judge)
Nordic Makers
Speaker at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2024

Nima Tisdall, CEO and partner of Nordic Makers, is a powerhouse figure in the Danish startup ecosystem. Prior to her role at Nordic Makers, she co-founded Blue Lobster, a digital marketplace for sustainable seafood which was praised by President Barack Obama. Her experience spans wide, and she is a recognized leader in entrepreneurship, technology and sustainability. She is a valuable asset to the entrepreneurial community, locally and internationally. Among many things, she serves as a board member for GUDP, a significant annual fund supporting the development of new green technology in agriculture and fisheries and empowers the youth and female entrepreneurs through various initiatives. Nima's achievements have not gone unnoticed, as she has been recognized as one of the "100 most influential women in Denmark" by leading media-house, Berlingske.

Talks at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2024