Cecilia Isabel Requena Zárate
Speaker at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2024

Cecilia Isabel Requena Zárate is a long-term activist and volunteer in the struggle for nature and democracy. Currently, she is a National Senator of the political Alliance “Comunidad Ciudadana” and Secretary of the Committee in charge of “Environment, Biodiversity, Amazon, Protected Areas and Climate Change” within the Bolivian Senate. She also assumed coordination responsibilities as a member of the Board of Directors of civil organizations in defense of the environment such as LIDEMA and PRODENA in Bolivia.

She has a multidisciplinary academic background for undergraduate, postgraduate and master's degrees at the Bolivian Catholic University, the Latin American Faculty of Environmental Sciences (FLACAM), the Bolivian Diplomatic Academy and the Harvard Kennedy School; in management and public policies, social communication, management of socio-environmental projects and diplomacy.

Furthermore, she is co-author, with Dirk Hoffmann, of the book “Bolivia in a 4 degrees hotter world. Sociopolitical scenarios in the face of climate change 2030/2060 in the northern highlands” (PIEB). She is the author of more than fifteen national and international publications on topics such as climate crisis, public policies, sustainable development and the struggle against corruption.

Also, Senator Requena has nearly 10 years of experience as university professor in the subjects of ethics, political ecology, and critical analysis of discourses on nature, development impacts and climate change.