Nick Cohen (Judge)
Special Competitive Studies Project, International Strategy Forum
Speaker at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2024

Nick Cohen is Director for Foreign Policy at the Special Competitive Studies Project. He leads the International Strategy Forum, a next-generation fellowship program that works to de-silo the worlds of technology and geopolitics. He previously worked at Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative of ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt, where he led strategic communications for the Quad Fellowship and provided research assistance for Fareed Zakaria’s latest book on liberalism in times of world revolution. Prior to joining Schmidt Futures, Nick worked as an editor in the publishing industry and on state and congressional electoral campaigns in his native state of Minnesota. A historian of modern Central and Eastern Europe by training, Nick now serves as an advisor to the Wilson Center’s Cold War Archives Research Institute. He earned an MA in European History, Politics, and Society from Columbia University and a BA in International Relations from Carleton College. Nick served as the lead editor of European Integration and Disintegration: Essays from the Next Generation of Europe’s Thinkers (Routledge 2022). His writing has appeared in outlets including Foreign Policy, the Journal of International Affairs, and New Eastern Europe.